Tumor cell-intrinsic RIG-I signaling governs synergistic effects of immunogenic cancer therapies and checkpoint inhibitors in mice

Poeck, H., Wintges, A., Dahl, S., Bassermann, F., Haas, T., Heidegger, S. (2021). Eur J Immunol 51, 1531-1534.

DOI:10.1002/eji.202049158(link is external)


Immunogenic cancer therapies, including radiation and hypomethylating agents, such as 5-azacytidine, rely on tumor cell-intrinsic activation of the RNA receptor RIG-I for their synergism with immune checkpoint inhibitors. Possible RIG-I ligands are small nuclear RNA (snRNA) and endogenous retroviral elements (ERV) leaking from the nucleus during programmed cell death.